Local Mom Discovers Conventional Products Linked to Infertility; Founds Business to Help Others

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – April 12, 2014 – After multiple miscarriages, Tammy Mason discovered that a potential culprit behind her chronic health and fertility problems was hiding in plain sight on the grocery store shelves. From that point on she drastically changed her lifestyle, with astonishing results. Three years later, she has developed a new line of organic products in order to help other women to reclaim their health and wellness: Momma’s Best Homemade.

“After going to multiple doctors we were told I had quite a few health problems,” she recalls. “We were told there wasn't really anything that we could do.” Eventually, Mason’s quest for answers led her to start reading the labels on the food she was eating and the skincare products she used on a daily basis.

In a peer-reviewed study published in Human Reproduction, UCLA researcher Chunyuan Fei observed that women exposed to higher-than-average levels of perfluorinated chemicals (found in many skincare products) experienced infertility issues at rates 60-154% higher than women with low exposure levels.[1] Other studies also indicate possible reasons for concern.

Mason switched to an organic diet and started to make her own cleansers and skincare products. Within a month, she says, she had already noticed a difference. “I had more energy, felt better … I started getting a lot of compliments on my skin.” Over the following months, the improvements continued. She is now the proud mother of a 16-month-old son.

Two months ago, Mason founded Momma’s Best Homemade, which offers a variety of organic and natural products. All are free of perfluorinated chemicals. Her goal, she says, is to offer products that will not only make your skin feel better, but decreases the amount of chemicals you subject yourself to on a daily basis.

“Going organic changed my life,” Mason says. “Now I’m hoping to inspire that change in others.”

Momma’s Best Homemade was founded by Tammy Mason in 2014. The company offers a range of handcrafted organic skincare products, specializing in sugar and sea salt body scrubs. Products can be found in the company’s online store ( and at all Sun Resorts Tanning locations (

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