Summer Skincare Essentials – what your skin needs (and doesn't need!) this season.


Guest post by Eco-beauty blogger and journalist Stephanie Deline of She's So Eco 

It's beach season! If you're a sun worshipper like me, you're on cloud nine right about now. But as fun as Summertime is, it can wreak havoc on your skin! While dry skin is most common in Winter, make no mistake: tanning lotions, harsh sunscreens, and too much sun exposure can rough your skin up. This is especially true if you're using lotions, sunscreens and body products that contain unhealthy chemicals.

Every girls wants that beach goddess glow, but have you ever thought about the chemicals that go into that sun-kissed look? Tanning lotions are the opposite of what you really want on your skin. For one thing, they are usually chock full of potentially very harmful ingredients like fragrance, oxybenzone and retinyl palminate. What else? Well, instead of protecting you from the increasingly dangerous UVA and UVB rays, tanning products invite those rays to penetrate your skin, and that's not something a sun-savvy girl wants!

And if you're trying to be good by using sun protection, take note; the chemicals in your sunscreen may just have the same level of health ramifications as being without protection! Yes, it's true, many of the brands that try to sell us sun protection are cramming their formulas full of environmental and body toxins just as bad as the ones in tanning products. In fact, I compared a tanning oil to a sunscreen by the same brand, and the similarities in the ingredient labels was startling!

Sun exposure can cause irritated, cracked and rough-looking skin, so exfoliation is also important in the Summer. But what's the point of using a body scrub full of undesirable ingredients like plastic microbeads, synthetic preservatives and artificial dyes and fragrances? Ingredients like that will only dry out the skin you're trying to slough off, creating more issues than what you started with!

Another reality of Summer is tired, sweaty feet. If you're a hiker, biker, runner or any kind of outdoor enthusiast, you know that Summer can do a number on your feet. A good, well-crafted foot soak can alleviate aches and pains, refreshing your feet and helping to eliminate odour naturally.

So, what we've just done is identified that you need to arm yourself with the following:

  • A high-quality, non-toxic sunscreen
  • A superior, all-natural body scrub
  • A fabulous foot soak

Here are my recommendations for all three:



A water-resistant, all-natural and emollient formula that ditches the toxins in favour of natural powerhouses for sun protection and hydration. This supremely safe formula features Beeswax and Sunflower wax to enhance the water resistance, aloe vera to cool and hydrate, and Shea butter for deep moisture. It earns its protection points with natural sunshields Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. This sunscreen is my pick for the perfect protection with simple, pure skin benefits cleverly placed within.



Body Scrub:


Safe for face and body, this naturally fragrant, completely non-toxic scrub smells exactly how Summer should smell! Tropical and exotic, the scent isn't the only thing that makes this a Summer essential. Organic cane sugar is a supreme, all-natural exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin, revealing a fresh, vibrant glow. Pure, organic coconut oil lends the coconut scent, but also imparts a healthy does of intense moisture. And organic pineapple oil tops it all off, adding that fruity fragrance that'll take you to a magical place that's part paradise, part spa, without leaving the comfort of your home! I'm in love with this scrub both for its delectable scent and amazingly smoothing, softening, exfoliating benefits.

Foot Soak:


Organic peppermint essential oil, organic lime essential oil and organic lemon zest blend beautifully to create an intoxicating, invigorating scent. Peppermint oil cools and soothes, baking soda deodorizes and epsom salts gently ease aches and pains. After a hike in the woods, a biking adventure, a run in the park or a long day at work, unwind with this all-natural, hand-crafted soak and your feet will thank you. Mine sure do! After a busy day of uphill hiking, I indulged in this delightfully fragrant scrub and my feet were instantly soft and refreshed, and all traces of odour and aches were GONE!

If you've got persistent dry Summer skin, definitely grab Momma's Best Homemade's Whipped Key Lime Coconut Body Butter. This rich, emollient, all-natural body butter is so rich with skin benefits! Quench your skin with organic coconut oil, soothe it with organic aloe vera, and bask in the beautiful fragrance of organic lemon and lime essential oils!

So there you have it, everything you need to have protected, silky, glowing skin and fresh, revitalized feet this Summer!

What is your Summer skincare routine? Have you tried any of the products I talked about? Let us know!

Happy (and safe) sun worshipping!


Stephanie is a mother, wife, photographer, blogger and journalist/writer living in Vancouver.

She can be found at and any questions for Stephanie can be directed to

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