For women, the process of getting ready for a date is important. It’s the preparation for a romantic evening out with your loved one and making sure that you smell nice and look your best is key in helping you to know your confidence is well founded. Here are a few tips to get you looking and smelling beautiful.

Shower or bathe and use a sugar body scrub as part of your regimen. The sugar will exfoliate your skin, while the scented oils will moisturize your skin and make is silky smooth.

Use a tea tree & mint foot scrub to smooth out the tough spots on your feet. The oils will help to neutralize any foot odor and will leave your feet feeling new and refreshed.

If you have cellulite, reduce the appearance and use a coffee body scrub. The caffeine helps to break down fat cells, improving the look of your skin and smelling great at the same time.

After you’ve dried off from bathing, try a body lotion or body butter for any rough patches that still linger. A scent like vanilla or key lime coconut will be soft enough to not overpower your date and may just leave their mouth watering.

Momma’s Best Homemade offers all these and more hand-crafted sugar body scrubs, lotions and other body products. We pride ourselves on only using organic and natural ingredients to be sure you get the best ingredients in your skin care products. Look and smell great for your Valentine’s Day date with your loved one.

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