Long since a viable alternative to standard cosmetics, organic and natural beauty products are often cited as healthier, more sustainable, and better for the environment. But there are plenty of other reasons to make the switch from mass-produced beauty products to a natural solution that don't always appear on the promotional materials.

Improved Biodegradability

Compared to synthetic chemicals and materials found in most commercial health and skincare products, natural and organic ingredients are better for the environment due to their ability to break down naturally over time. Non-biodegradable materials usually wind up in sewers and runoff areas where they can be inhaled or absorbed into the skin, not to mention the damage they may wreak on the surrounding ecosystem. 

Reduced Irritation

Products with organic and natural ingredients have a tendency to be much healthier for human skin compared to chemicals found in most standard, mass market consumer products. While a person's allergies and skin sensitivities must dictate what is used, most natural products contain essential oils and minerals that won't exasperate existing conditions like allergies or asthma.

Increasing Availability

Due to the nature of the organic market, growth in all natural and eco-friendly product segments has inspired even more companies to develop their own offerings. More choice has always resulted in better experiences for consumers, but the onus is on them to research their selections carefully and rely on products that are true to their promise of being truly organic and natural in origin. 

No Animal Testing

Unfortunately, the majority of commercial products available today are tested on animals to determine their safety and effectiveness. As countless studies have shown us, these tests, while not mandatory, are often used to cruel and tragic degrees that even results in the deaths of the animals in question. Due to the nature of the laws in China and Brazil, cosmetic products manufactured in those countries cannot ethically be considered cruelty-free in nature. Ensure you read the ingredients and labels of each product you buy before making a decision.

Affordable and Reliable

Thanks to the power and access provided by the internet, there exist more natural and organic cosmetics and beauty products than ever before. Cost of materials, packaging, and shipping have all decreased compared to previous decades, meaning the eco-friendly and natural products you desire are more affordable and better performing than ever.

They Work

It may come to some surprise, but organic and naturally-produced products actually work better than their mass-produced counterparts. Despite what many companies would like you to believe, consumer satisfaction related to organic products is much higher than what you find in the supermarket – that alone should tell you all you need to know. 

It's a great time to be an eco-conscious consumer and Momma's Best Homemade makes it easy to research and shop at the same time. Visit our store today to see our latest offerings and be sure to visit our blog as we introduce new and improved products!

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