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Brand: Momma's Best Homemade


  • Squeeze Tube
  • Low Profile Jar

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Product Description

Remineralize, whiten, and strengthen your teeth!
  • Handmade item
  • Scent: peppermint
  • Materials: filtered water, organic bentonite clay, organic calcium, organic coconut oil, Baking Soda, organic Peppermint Essential oil, himalayan salt, organic honey
  • Made to order
Glycerin is in many more things than you probably realize. Even natural product (including many natural toothpaste products) contain glycerin. Glycerin is a liquid that is popular in beauty products because it is a humectant — it absorbs ambient water. Essentially it helps keep things in tact and in paste form. However, it also creates a film on your teeth essentially encapsulating them from being remineralized. Experts estimate that it may take as many as 20 cleanings/brushes to remove this film.

Our product contains no glycerin and contains the minerals you need to strengthen and remineralize your teeth and gums.

Why our Organic Toothpaste?

No hidden ingredients
Gentle on your teeth
The healthiest choice for you and your family

Available in a squeeze tube or low profile jar

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